Monday, March 14, 2011

Does This Count As Child Abuse?

If it doesn't, then it out to. I usually cannot bear to ride these things out (I have a really difficult time sitting through embarrassment-based comedies like Meet the Parents) but somehow I made it through this horror. At the very least, if it's not child abuse then its abusive to the one on the receiving end. In a few weeks we're going to see stories of how detainees in Iraq and Guantanamo were tortured while being forced to listen to this.

If this girl's career goes anywhere then this will probably be her in ten years:

Just to clarify, I do not blame that girl, Rebecca Black for her crummy music video and lack of musical talent. The impression I get is that her greedy folks were lured in by this Ark Music Factory and the promise of fame and fortune.

As I said, this should be considered child abuse. Rebecca Black doesn't even have a Wikipedia page so I don't know how old she is but I'm assuming she's about 16 and this kind of crap is perverse. She doesn't even look like she's lost her baby teeth! And pay attention to the part where she arrives at the party, or whatever, a little girl who looks about 11 walks by in a skirt that is way too short for her. These folks are intentionally trying to whore up our female population.

Please, parents, don't sell your children. They're the future (or something). In any case these kids don't know better and are in no position to say 'no.' When some douche comes at them offering them money and telling them how talented they are, they think it's great and are not mentally developed enough to think about how they probably are going to fail miserably and have it ruin their lives. You are supposed to be the reasonable ones!

You might say that I'm suggesting that you crush their dreams! Yes! Crush away. These are children and their parents are selfishly whoring them off for profit. Shouldn't we be encouraging them to get an education and work to better the nation (which is crumbling) or at least pursue something reasonable? There is nothing dignified or respectable about what this girl is doing, and I cannot think of a single example of a child of her age going into the music business at her age and coming out the other end a well-rounded, reasonable and intelligent human being, and don't be a smart-ass by pointing out an example. The odds are against it.

(This is mostly satirical, BTW)