Monday, November 8, 2010

Whose Bright Idea Was It?

Why do people insist on putting chunks of fruit in yogurt and smoothies? It confuses my mouth and makes me sick to my stomach. Honestly, if you were drinking a coke and suddenly a piece of something solid slipped down your throat, you'd probably stop drinking it for fear that you just consumed someone's backwash. So, why should drinking a smoothie or eating yogurt be any different?

Yogurt, I know, is kind of solid, and so fruit chunks make a little more sense, but still, you don't really eat yogurt. Do you put yogurt in your mouth and chew it? Of course not, you just put it in and swallow it, which makes it some odd in-between of a food and a beverage. I like to eat strawberries and bananas, but I don't want solid versions of them in my drinks!

I guess I'm trying to say that if you put anything solid in yogurt and smoothies, you suck. Give me some Trix or Danimals any day, and keep the fruit out of my beverages!

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