Thursday, November 4, 2010

Red Wave? Blue Thunder? Either Way, Democrats Got Off Easy

Just a quick post. Here's a video from Dylan Ratigan's program featuring Cenk Uygar and Glenn Greenwald, whom I have nothing but admiration for. They're discussing why Tuesday's election turned out the way it did, specifically why the left didn't turn out for him and the Democrats. In short: they didn't deliver on their promises. View it here.

Basically, their point is that Obama built up all that good will back in '08, made his promises for campaign finance reform, regulating the banks, providing health care for all Americans, mainly through the public option (which most Americans favored, myself included), accountability for our actions in the war on terror; as well as getting the hell out of Iraq (can't remember if Afghanistan was promised as well).

Not only has the president not delivered, he has embraced so many of the methods, policies, and attitudes that he rode into the white house on.

I was actually expecting a worse outcome for the Democrats in this election, certainly the media, Fox in particular, made a big stink about the inevitable losses for the Dems. Very little has been accomplished that I'm pleased with since '08, despite this, the election of certain elements on the Right to power are doubly frightening, especially some Tea Party candidates who were elected, like Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio.

This is not to say I think a John Boehner or Michelle Bachman are necessarily better choices. But some of Rand Paul's positions on issues were disturbing. The civil rights act of the 1964 was a mistake because business owners should be allowed to kick patrons out because of their skin color/religion/sexual orientation?

In any case, getting tired, so I need to warp this up. Might have more to say later.

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