Friday, November 5, 2010

Olbermann Fails to Disclouse Campaign Contribution to Democratic Candidates

According to a story on, Keith Olbermann donated about $2,400 to several Democratic candidates. Olbermann subsequently failed to disclose this fact on-air. The story is based on a story found at Read Here

It seems like there are two issues here: one is whether an opinionated host like Olbermann should be allowed by his employer to give to political candidates. And the other is whether, if he does contribute, he should disclose that fact when he interviews said candidates. The first question is debatable; the second seems like an issue of basic ethics.
You, know it really makes it hard to go after Fox for their shenanigans when the other networks and their hosts are continually failing to distinguish themselves from their Fox counter-parts.

UPDATE: Removed video about Olbermann suspending the Worst Person in the World Segment because it looks like because of Olberman''s undisclosed contributions to Democratic candidates, he's being canned by NBC.

I'm really flabbergasted. My comment above concerning the other networks becoming indistinguishable from Fox may have been a bit premature. I don't think we'll ever see Fox letting go one of their own because they contributed to any political campaigns, especially the Republican party.

Salon, it appears, hasn't sourced this update, so maybe it's merely a rumor? I doubt it, and if it's not, all I can say is , "Wow."

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