Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MSNBC Dishes Out White House Propaganda

I think it ought to be noted, considering my enormous disapproval of Fox News and their role as propaganda arm for the right. MSNBC is digging out a nice little niche for itself, as well, on the left. Sadly, I do not have video of the MSNBC crew and their "exclusive" White House granted coverage of the withdrawal of the last combat brigade from Iraq, despite them having gone on day in and day out about it.

As journalists, anytime someone offers you an exclusive anything, you ought to be skeptical. Doesn't mean you can't take the offer, but you shouldn't become the cheerleader for whatever tagline it is their promoting.

The truth is that we still have some 50,000 troops in Iraq, many who will be going out on combat missions with Iraqis. So how is this the end of combat operations? I'm confused.

Not really, however. As much as I hate to have to eat crow by saying this, I'm not at all pleased with the direction the Obama presidency has gone. His trumpeting of the "end of combat operations" in Iraq is false. Now this is something he pledged to do, but to say combat for Americans if over there is a lie, and one told, I believe, to try and boost his numbers given how low they are. The attempt does not look like it has worked, however.

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