Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MSNBC Dishes Out White House Propaganda

I think it ought to be noted, considering my enormous disapproval of Fox News and their role as propaganda arm for the right. MSNBC is digging out a nice little niche for itself, as well, on the left. Sadly, I do not have video of the MSNBC crew and their "exclusive" White House granted coverage of the withdrawal of the last combat brigade from Iraq, despite them having gone on day in and day out about it.

As journalists, anytime someone offers you an exclusive anything, you ought to be skeptical. Doesn't mean you can't take the offer, but you shouldn't become the cheerleader for whatever tagline it is their promoting.

The truth is that we still have some 50,000 troops in Iraq, many who will be going out on combat missions with Iraqis. So how is this the end of combat operations? I'm confused.

Not really, however. As much as I hate to have to eat crow by saying this, I'm not at all pleased with the direction the Obama presidency has gone. His trumpeting of the "end of combat operations" in Iraq is false. Now this is something he pledged to do, but to say combat for Americans if over there is a lie, and one told, I believe, to try and boost his numbers given how low they are. The attempt does not look like it has worked, however.

Monday, September 13, 2010

More exidence fox lacks Credibility...Nothing new.

Sean Hannity edits, quite clearly, this video to make it sound as if the president is saying something that he is clearly not. This is not new, and I may make this a regular feature of this blog: chronicling the ways our media is taking a collective shit on the nation


The following is a post I wrote for my last blog "The Man Who Laughs" back in January of 2009, immediately in the wake of President Obama's inauguration. It expressed both my hopes and fears for the coming presidency, and, in general, my thoughts on what America is, and would become.

I'll post an update commenting on how my feelings have changed, now, a year and a half after the fact.

High On Hope

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

High on Hope

I'm far from the most patriotic American out there. Though I used to be fiercely patriotic, so much so that I'd often engage in prolonged shouting matches with anyone who questioned the motives of our "leaders," and the purpose of the War on Terror and in Iraq.

It wasn't a slow transition to where I stand now. When I first started college back in January of 06, I was still a proud patriot, willing to defend my country against any detractors. However, upon being faced with America's true history, as opposed to the white-washed, propagandized version served up in elementary and high-schools across the nation, I was forced to change. Note that I didn't choose to change, but was forced to beneath the weight of the evidence that this country was not, in fact, some shining city on a hill.

Keep in mind that I harbor no ill-will towards America, but I merely see it now as it truly is: another imperfect, secular nation, subject to the flaws of it's inhabitants and leaders. During this transition, my allegiance shifted drastically from being towards the symbols of this country such as the flag, our version of freedom and democracy, or "the office of the president," to being merely with the people of the nation and wanting whatever was best for them. Or, in short, I abandoned the American ideology in favor of supporting uncompromising truth, regardless of what side of the political aisle it may lay on, even if it lay on the fringes of political thought.

I do what I do, vote how I vote, and support the ideas I support, because I love the people who inhabit the American land, and not because I love the the land or the nebulous and ever-shifting American Idea. If doing what is right and good means abandoning the flag, then I'm prepared to do so.

Now, with that out of the way...I watched the inauguration of our newest President, Barack Obama, today. I must admit that I felt enormous pride swelling up inside me as he spoke the oath of office. I even got a tad choked up (but hid it as best I could, seeing as I was in public at the time). This doesn't mean racism is dead and defeated in this country, but without a doubt, the election of President Obama is a sign that we are moving in the right direction.

At the same time, I feel elated not just by hope of a future marked by racial equality, but by the hope that the future might be brighter than the past in many more ways. However, going even deeper into my heart, I tell myself not to get excited. Maybe it's just because I'm a pessimist, but then again, maybe my concerns are real.

Before progress can be made, so much must be undone before we even begin to gain any ground. Not only that, but what if President Obama disappoints? Many on the left have already begun scrutinizing and critiquing his decisions. Needless to say, so have those on the right. He says he intends to listen to the people and to run the most transparent and open government in American history. Will he? My hopes are high. But like a drug that lifts you out of a depression, it's not substantive. We need results, and until I see them, I won't be celebrating (at least not too much).

Let's not let this optimism go unfettered, so as not to become complacent stooges and baseless defenders of the office of the president, either Obama or some other future occupant.

In the beginning...

I'm sure I'm not the first person to use that phrase for something like this. No matter. I've made up my mind that I'm not going to use this to try and do anything unique or special. If it turns out that way, superb. If not, oh well.

I'm at a point in life when I fear for my future. I'm not in school this semester, which is probably the greatest upset to my life at the moment. The classroom is truly the one place I feel at home, and relaxed. This past summer has been a monumental disruption to the way my life was, and the way I'd hoped it would be. It began well enough, great, in fact. I had enrolled for several summer courses to speed along my graduation (four years in the making, at a community college). Plus, I'd landed a job, granted, nothing glamorous our especially pride-inducing. For me, however, it meant a lot.

Now, I'm jobless (and, naturally, broke), not in school, and struggling with my health again. The midpoint of summer came with the revelation that i may have entered into chronic rejection. Not a death sentence- yet. I may still, and hopefully do, have several years before it progresses to the point of death. But, it saddens me that I'm now spending my days sitting on my ass, playing World of Warcraft, struggling to do any writing (it's vastly discouraging knowing that were I to do any writing, I'd more than likely not receive any money for it).

I feel useless, and like a great burden to my family, and most of all my girlfriend. She doubts how smart she is (though she's smarter than she thinks), but even if she were right, at least she has the dignity of knowing she is working. I feel as if I'm under constant judgment, maybe it exists online in my mind, but I feel it, nonetheless. I fear that even if I do begin writing and being published, I will still be looked down upon.

I'm tired of my life. I may have only a few years left (I'm nearly two years out from a bi-lateral lung transplant). I'm overly medicated. Aside from the medications I have to take to sustain my immuno-suppression, I'm on a pill for depression, social anxiety, and one to help me sleep (zolpidem); oh! And now also oxycodone for arthritis pain (I can't take ibuprofen or naproxen because of my transplant).

I've created this because of the advice of a friend and former teacher, who suggested I blog so as to provide a reference point for prospective publishers who may want to see an example of my writing.

I hope that this represents a shift in the direction of my life. Even if I don't get published, maybe it will at least be a welcome catharsis.

I intend to use this as a means to present political opinions, maybe news stories that have no other means of being published, book reviews, film reviews, television reviews (of the few TV shows I actually partake of). And anything else I may want to spout off about.